About Akiras


Akiras Cafe and Restaurant is a Multi-Cuisine establishment aiming to serve the local population with a range of global varieties on one table, with service being the top priority.


At Akiras, our prime focus will be centred towards cuisines ranging from countries like America (Tex-Mex), Mexico, Spain, Italy, Morocco to Modern Australian, Mediterranean & Asian.


Our Mission


The German term Heimat signifies “home” or “Homeland.” It connotates to the place that shaped us into who we are today. This refers to the attitudes and values that have evolved over centuries and passed down through generations. It symbolises our roots, specifically the cultural roots that connect us all as one community today. At Akiras, our mission is to offer our customers a taste of nostalgia by providing a wide variety of popular global cuisines all under one location, with service and dining experience being our top priority. At Akiras, we are home, we are heimat.

Our Vision


Currently, Food and Bistro establishments around Meadowvale Shopping Centre are mostly catering to one specific type of cuisine. Akiras aims to provide the experience of multiple cuisines conveniently located under one roof. We seek to cater to a time-poor community in order to provide high-quality food and dining experience to the local South Perth community.


Meet Gopi, The Head Chef 

Gopi is the head chef and the owner of this establishment. With over 18+ years of experience in the hospitality industry, he had managed various “Star" hotels and Restaurants in countries like Dubai, India & Australia.


"My passion towards cooking and my love for various cuisines have curved the way towards opening AKIRAS in order to portray my vested interest to the local community." ~ Chef Gopi


He has completed his postgraduate in Masters of International Hospitality & Tourism and Masters in Business Administration, graduating from the prestigious James Cook University in Brisbane.